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NaturaListas everywhere love MY DNA hair products. When used together this advance system of products will help promote growth, ease manageability and make heads turn!

  • 8oz My DNA Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • 10oz My DNA Leave In Conditioner & Detangler
  • 2oz My DNA Serum
  • 8oz MY DNA Hair Moisturizing Hair Butter

MY DNA Sulfate Free Shampoo   8 Fl. Oz (237 ml)
MY DNA Sulfate Free Shampoo is a moisturizing cleansing shampoo for natural hair textures that removes product build-up and residue without stripping hair. Our scientifically proven formula combines Monoi de Tahiti, Rose and Chamomile to nourish and protect your hair and scalp.
. Gently removes product build-up and environmental impurities from the hair and scalp. 
. Sulfate-Free. Will not strip hair of the precious natural moisture that makes it thrive. 
. After use, hair will be ready to receive product for style and maintenance.

. Wet hair and gently massage small amount throughout scalp and hair. 
. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

MY DNA Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler is a lightweight conditioner for natural hair textures that improves the condition of the hair while detangling and moisturizing. Our scientific formula with Monoi de Tahiti, helps reduce hair loss, and leaves hair feeling smooth and healthy. Great for are natural hair types.

A Leave-in conditioner
Eases wet combing.
Helps strengthen hair.
Seals the cuticle layer.
Supports healthy hair growth.
Adds moisture and shine
Prepares your hair for styling.

Spray a medium to heavy mist directly onto the hair before styling.
Rinse or wash out.
To enhance your style use the MY DNA SERUM

MY DNA Serum   2 FL. Oz. (60 ml)
MY DNA Serum is a unique blend of Shea Butter and Monoi de Tahiti. It helps to resurface hair by repairing damaged cuticles, while mending split ends and eliminating frizz. MY DNA Serum adds strength and elasticity, and produces a heightened shine.

. Nourishes, softens and boosts shine. 
. Hydrates the hair shaft.
. Seals in moisture. 
. Helps protect against weather damage. 
. Moisturizes the scalp. 
. Concentrated and easy to use.  

. Dispense a small amount of MY DNA Serum into palm, rub hands together, and then  apply evenly to surface of hair.

MY DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter   8 Oz. (227 g)
MY DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter provides moisture and conditioners to natural hair textures while eliminating frizz. The unique combination of Monoi de Tahiti, and Shea Butter provides moisture and improves hair aesthetics to give hair the specific curl pattern you desire.
. Provides moisture and defines coils and curls.
. Eliminates frizz.
. Reduces shrinkage and enhances strectch.
. Locks in precious moisture as you form your coils.
. Formulated with nature’s oils and curl boosters.
. Apply to wet hair in small sections and smooth from root to tip until evenly distributed. Repeat on each section until entire head is complete. For twists, apply to small sections and style as normal.

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